Have you lost your data from your storage drive?

In the modern days, with the development of technologies, data storage and access has become very easy. This is possible because of the storage devices which are released in the markets by many companies. The storage of your files either related to work or personal is made easier than ever. The data storage devices which are available for you in the market are memory cards, mp3 players, flash cards, iPods, Play Stations, pen drives, etc. And of course the computer which has the inbuilt hard drive with vast storage space and the external hard drives, store the data for longer and safer. These are used for storing the files like documents, media files, game setups and so on. Learn more...

Losing such files which are your favorite and accumulated from years makes you restless. Suppose you are transferring the files from your camera to the computer. If the processor of your computer is very slow, you may forget that the files are being moved from the memory card of the camera to the computer. Your friend may remove the data cable to take some snaps with the camera who is unaware of the less speed of the computer’s processor. How careful you might be, but sometimes you can’t help it. You will lose all the photo files from the camera which are not transferred. Then in such situation, you can recover the files back using the data recovery software. By knowing this you will be resumed to normal state of mind.

You may lose your data from your storage devices for lots of reasons. You can refer some of the scenarios given below and be aware of situations in which you will lose the data. You can recover the data if you come across these scenarios:

Deletion by antivirus program: The antivirus software is installed to protect your files on the system from virus. This program detects if there is any virus infected file enters the environment of the operating system of the computer. It repairs the infected files, if not then the software deletes the infected files. The antivirus program doesn't always work perfectly, there might be some fault in the programming. This makes the antivirus to fail to fix the files and delete those files instead. The files deleted in such case can be recovered using data recovery software.

Pressing “Delete All” button on camera: Pressing “Delete All” is the simple way to delete all the photos on the camera. You can take the backup of the important photos from the camera and delete all the photos. This helps you to clear the memory space to click new photos. While backing up, you might not have used the proper back up method. You will lose all the photos in that case. You may also click on “Delete All” button accidentally to lose all the photos. You can recover such photos from the memory card of the camera using data recovery software.

Resizing the logical drives: You can re-size the logical drives when you need do not have enough space on any logical drive. Suppose you have saved all your data professional data on a drive and the drive is almost full, then you can extend the size of the logical drive. If you have free memory space available on another logical drive, you can shrink it. If you have fragments of files which are not stored consecutively then you may lose some data of the file. In such case you should stop using the drives to avoid overwriting of data and recover the lost data. Data recovery software is one of the efficient recovery software.

Emptying Recycle Bin: Emptying Recycle Bin helps you clear the data from the Recycle Bin at a stretch. You can do it in order to clean up the junk data permanently. You may also end up emptying the Recycle Bin accidentally. You may accidentally click on “Recycle Bin” instead of restoring files from it. This leads to data loss, all your files and folders will be lost at a snap. You may be worrying how to recover data after emptying Recycle Bin? You can recover it using a suitable recovery software. Data recovery software is one such software helping you to recover your data emptied from Recycle Bin.

The data recovery software has many advantageous features. The tool can be used to recover your data in most of the data loss scenarios. Go about reading the features of data recovery software briefly given here,
Data recovery software is the best suited recovery tool to recover data from the logical drives on your computer. The software performs data recovery after reformat of the partitions or drives. You can even recover data which have bypassed the Recycle Bin by pressing Shift + Delete. The software supports data recovery from NTFS, NTFS+, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT file systems of the drives. The tool can recover deleted or lost documents, media files and so on from the logical drives. The tool can recover the specific file types like the RAW photo files of digital cameras, camcorders, etc. The software supports the recovery from Sony, Lexar, Panasonic, Fuji, etc. brands of digital cameras. The software provides the demo version. Separate build of the software is available for Mac and Windows. Visit the page site for further inofrmation.

You can recover the data from the storage drives of the computer or any external storage drive on your computer using the data recovery software efficiently. Follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of Recover Delete After software on your computer. Select the option according to the data which you want to recover. If you have lost the files from the logical drives due to resizing then select Recover Partitions / Drives.

Step 2: Select Recover Partition, you will get the icon of the hard drive. Select it and click Next. The software scans the drive for the file systems of the partitions. Once you get the file systems, you can scan the file system of the partition from which the data is lost.

Step 3: After scanning, the software lists out the lost files in Data View and File Type View. Preview the files and save on your computer.

You can recover the files by using a good recovery software like Data recovery software.  But it is better to avoid data loss from the storage drives to save your time and money. Some of the tips are here:

Always keep a backup of your data. Use copy option instead of cut and then paste the files onto any drive space. Use a proper antivirus program and keep updating it.


For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users